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"On the 14th of February, couples have been attacked in the past five years. Today marks the sixth year since the string of seven murder victims. However, I am hot on his trail! I have deduced his crimes to take place in love motels, where couples are known to... 'Make Out.' First, I must figure out which town's motel. Then, I must save the lives from under the knife of the killer! For the love of burning and passionate lips, I, Detective Heart will save you! If not, then this sixth year will total nine victims to the Valentine's Day Killer."

As Detective Hearts, you must interview the owner of the Love Throne Six Nine Motel to gather information of the Motel's guests. Using that and basing the patterns of how the killer chose his victims, you must intrude on the couple, catch the killer, and save the lives of the innocent.

This game features 1 Great Ending, 1 Good Ending, and 2 Bad Endings.

Length of time: 15-30 minutes for all endings.

Word from creator:

If you haven't figured yet, this is a satirical game. If you're looking for something with depth and lore for the Valentine Holiday, then this won't be for you. Last key note: this game was made last minute in approximately 12 hours (thus majorly RTP assets). A final build version will be made later on. You can check out this game's creation video once uploaded in the link below or video on this page. Thanks for checking this game out :)

Personal Blog with additional notes from the game!


My YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheopolisGaming


Recommended for 13+

Mild sexual content & suggestive language

Mild Violence


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This was fun experience with a dimwitted and perverted detective. You did do a good job making him not very sharp. As for the correct choice (I won't ruin the surprise) but, you could have used some flavor text from the motel owner to hint that something was amiss. 

Obtaining notes about the case could prove helpful when questioning  the motel owner. As for the menu you could use this plugin by mjshi that takes out all the battle info since it doesn't apply to the game. https://mjshi.weebly.com/mv-non-combat-menu.html

Thanks! I've considered all these ideas, but ran out of time trying to push it out for V-day. I'll be sure to implement them for the final build. Thanks for playing and linking the plugin! 😃